We Capture Human Voice and Build AI Neural Voice

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Larynx.ai is an online platform for you to build your AI-powered neural voice and make use of it for your personal and professional needs.

How it works ?

1. Capture Human Voice

Our platform provides instructions and tools to record your voice at your convenience and place.

2. Train our AI engine

The captured voice will be fed to our AI engine to learn and generate a neural voice modal. In training, our engine will learn your voice nuances like style, pause, tone, etc... for different contexts.

3. Generate Audio

You can log in into our portal or integrate solution to make use of voice securely.

some of our neural voicessome of our neural voices

Business March 29, 2020
European stocks rose on Wednesday

European stocks rose on Wednesday as the continued loosening of coronavirus-related lockdown measures prompted renewed optimism among investors.Authorities in some of Europe’s largest economies — Germany, Spain, France, and Italy — chose to ease restrictions...

Explainer Content April 8, 2018
Sam’s kids love to hear stories.

Sam’s kids love to hear stories. His mom reads stories for grand kids every night.She passed away ,last month . The whole family became sad ,especially the kids . They can’t hear her stories anymore Sam had a tough time to replace his mom in story telling. How do I get my Mom’s voice? Here is Bob !! He is a news reader.A foodie and sweet lover. But he never goes near ice-cream . He is scared of throat problems....